Engaging speaker. Actionable content.

Laura Khalil is a master storyteller and dynamic speaker that uses humor to captivate her audience and get the message across.

She has spoken to audiences at The Moth, Women 2.0, Intermitten, Ladies Get Paid, Bamboo Detroit and many more. 


Thank you for doing what you do! Hearing you speak changed me forever.
— Kristen Gray


Review a sample of Laura's most popular talks. All talks can be modified for one hour speeches to full day workshops. 

To learn more, contact hello @laurak.co

Life Mastery

Uncover Your Genius: be guided through 13 questions to help you determine your greatest potential and take inspired steps towards fulfilling your dreams

Building Successful, Loving Relationships: understanding the keys to successful dating and relationships starts with understanding yourself

Career and Entrepreneurship

How I Lost Everything and Found My Passion: a guide to developing a winning mindset in the face of challenges

From Desk Job to Dream Job: step-by-step guide to preparing to leave the corporate world and become and entrepreneur

Turbocharge Your Sales: learn the secret to magnetic charisma, and the psychological triggers that you can master to boost sales in any industry


Decoding the Six Steps to Wealth: learn what the greatest leaders have done to crack the million dollar mark

Increase Your Deserve Level: uncover the mindset that empowers people to attract and saving money