Grow Your Influence and Power

Learn the hidden power dynamics at play and how to master them to radically transform your career and relationships.

  • Have you ever thought that you’re just “too much” and have to tone yourself down for others?

  • Do you feel threatened and scared when men catcall you and don’t know how to respond or why it keeps happening?

  • Are you told outrageous statements at work and feel too shocked and have no idea how to respond?

  • Are your ideas dismissed at work, while other’s seem to get all the attention?

  • Do you continue to date the same kinds of people who treat you poorly and have no idea how to fix this?

  • Are your relationships plagued by the same issues and you feel totally stuck?

Laura Khalil helps women uncover their hidden power to lead extraordinary lives.

Work one on one with Laura to awaken your true inner power and flip the script on power dynamics, so you know how to deftly handle men like Harvey and Cosby.

  • How to address the most challenging conversations you’ll face: from breakups to negotiations with grace and confidence.

  • How to ask for the things your heart desires but has been too scared to say aloud.

  • How to put forward your ideas and projects in a male dominated board room.

  • How to permanently reduce catcalling, unwanted sexual innuendo, improper advances without waiting for men to change.

  • How to develop mutually equitable relationships with men built on respect, trust and admiration.