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Hilarious, inspirational and pragmatic speaker.

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Laura Khalil is a funny and engaging speaker who helps people find the clarity, confidence and courage to go after their dreams.

A former business consultant, turned keynote speaker Laura worked with Fortune 500 companies such as Intuit, Twitter, GE, Intel, Cisco, Autodesk and Atlassian on brand marketing initiatives. Today she thrives as a public speaker and women’s empowerment champion. She provides a wealth of hands on experience to audiences on marketing strategy, corporate communications, human behavior and personal empowerment. She is working on her first book to help women who are confident, driven and opinionated thrive in the workplace.

Laura is also gifted comedic storyteller and has shared stories from her life at The Moth, Creative Mornings, Ladies Get Paid, Intermitten, Bamboo Detroit, The Vagina Monologues, RISK!, Detroit Stories and many more.

Her love of humor and storytelling, combined with her “take the bull by the horns” approach to life, makes Laura an unforgettable and engaging public speaker.

She is on a mission to help others find the clarity, confidence and courage to lead extraordinary lives.

“Hearing you speak changed me forever.”

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March 2018, Speaker Showcase Intermitten 2018

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Laura Khalil’s Story

A native of Southeast Michigan, Laura spent her youth actively engaged in the performing arts in both theater and orchestra, as a flutist. After graduating high school, she decided Michigan wasn't cold enough, so she headed north to Montreal to pursue her Bachelors Degree in history and philosophy at McGill University. While there, she got married, fell in love with poutine and promptly watched her creative and professional dreams... stall.  Her ambitions were on ice for years as she learned to navigate marriage, what it meant to be a "good wife" and how to prevent her eyeballs from freezing when it's -40 outside.

At 27 she finally left an unhappy marriage and decided that the only way forward was to put herself first. With just two suitcases in hand, Laura left the Canadian tundra for San Francisco and embarked on living the life she'd always dreamed of, but had been too scared to go after.

While living in San Francisco, Laura embarked on a career in technology working for everyone from startups to tech giants. She experienced many of the challenges that come with being a bold, confident and opinionated woman in the workforce. In 2013 she left corporate America and launched headfirst into her consulting business and learned that being bold, confident and opinionated were the winning traits that helped her grow a six-figure consultancy in her first year.

As people began to ask Laura about the keys to her success, she realized the power of public speaking to share her story and inspire others.

Laura has spoken to thousands on stage and online on business mastery, women's empowerment and interpersonal relationships. Her bold, funny and irreverent style is unlike any other. She is committed to inspiring individuals who feel like they're at a dead end, to forge their own path and find the courage to follow their dreams. While Laura speaks on a variety of topics from business to relationships, the foundation of her advice is the same: 

The greatest gift you can give the world is to be yourself.