Laura Khalil

Develop the confidence, clarity and courage to go after your dreams.

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A new approach to living with joy and abundance.

Hi friends, my name is Laura Khalil. If you haven’t heard how I ended up in the realm of personal development, check out my story. I am a personal development trainer, women’s empowerment champion, public speaker and teacher. Also, a total fucking badass, if I do say so myself.

I combine my love of human behavior, neuroscience and entrepreneurship to help women and allies use proven strategies for more confidence, clarity and courage in their lives. 

Unlike most modern coaches, I do not teach about the power of positive thinking. Why? Because most people who are, “just trying to be positive” are the most seriously depressed individuals on the planet. Why would I teach you something that fosters misery?

I do teach about balancing our perceptions, understanding our emotions and uncovering our true values. I work with clients who want to:

  • get more comfortable in their own skin

  • begin to move to the beat of their own drum without being crippled by fear

  • experience the bliss of finding joy and magic in the day to day humdrum

I am completely focused on helping my students develop self-worth, because I believe it is the single most important thing that is holding us back. 

My philosophy and approach to coaching and teaching is completely unique, and most importantly, produces results for those who do the work. 

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The Podcast About Pleasure


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If Dr. Ruth and Brene Brown had a podcast, it would be something like Sexistential Crisis. Laura is an intrepid pleasure researcher looking to release the shame and stigma women feel around sex, their bodies and personal pleasure. Combining expert interviews, author talks and a whole lot of laughs, Sexistential Crisis is breaking taboos.

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