Business Advisor and Leadership Coach

I am an advisor to some the world's largest brands on marketing strategy, and leadership coaching.

I started my career in the San Francisco technology scene, working with everyone from fledgling startups to tech giants. My work has been inducted into the Viral Marketing Hall of Fame and my clients have been featured at TED. Today I consult with companies on building global social media campaigns, content strategy plans and brand redesigns. 

While cutting my teeth in tech, I experienced many of the things that go along with being a confident and driven woman in the corporate world. I've since learned how to turn those challenges into my biggest strengths. Today I work with women and leadership teams to help create inclusive environments that foster growth and maximize potential.


Laura Khalil, Freelance Marketer, gives the talk, "The Benefits of Being a Bitch." Laura is a freelance content marketer who has shared the stories of some of the world's leading brands, including Intel, GE and Twitter. She is the founder of Creative Salon Detroit, an event series dedicated to highlighting Detroit's diverse creative talent.

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